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The Power To Check For Unwanted Pathogens 

Trinity Commercial Cleaning has added yet another valued service for our clients. We just invested in a Luminometer to measure the cleanliness of all areas we clean. 

In today’s times, business owners are seeking all they can to give their clients, customers and staff peace of mind when they enter their doors. With our new tool, we can measure all areas after we clean them. 

If the Luminometer detects Caution or Fail via the Relative Light Units (RLU) indicated, then we go back over the area again until Pass is measured. This will detect bacteria, microorganisms, mold and food residue left on the measured areas.

If desired, we can even provide clients with the test results so everyone can see what areas needed, and will probably still need, the most attention. 

Trinity Commercial Cleaning is working for our clients to make everyone how enters their doors knows they are heading into a clean – and safe – area.

What Does This Mean For You?

Once Trinity finishes cleaning your office and work areas, we go back and check the ATP levels with the Luminometer. An instant reading provides us with the RLU measurement. It isn’t something we have to wait for or send out, we can act immediately and re-clean the areas.

The instrument will give us an indication of Pass, Caution or Fail. If we see Caution or Fail, we got back and clean that area until we see Pass. 

When we’re done, we can provide each client with the Luminometer results to show Trinity did our part, and you have peace of mind for clients, customers and employees.

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