• Brian Kaup

Background Checks and Cleaning Companies

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Do you get nervous thinking about how your cleaning company gets unfettered access to your building after hours when no one is around?

Have you put a lot of hard work into growing your company, and truly understand the importance of all those valuable records, awards, financial info, etc.?

Do you feel vulnerable when you leave work every day knowing that a crew of people that you do not know are going to be coming in with keys and alarm codes to clean?

Do you have valuable trade secrets that must be protected?

Are you worried about your cleaning company gossiping about your business to other clients they have?

With all of these unsettling questions in mind, it can be scary to realize that most cleaning companies are only somebody with a mop bucket and a vacuum. When you have put a lot of work into your office space and business, you need a cleaning company that cares as much about the space as you do. This is why background checks are so important. Cleaning companies are in the building when no one else is around, so you have no idea what they are actually doing or looking at. Most background checks only look at the bare minimum, but are they really sufficient? One could argue that the entire point of a background check is to ensure there is not an ongoing pattern of behavior. People make mistakes, but is it a mistake they learned from, or is it one that set off a pattern of behavior that can leave your business vulnerable to malicious activity?

Extensive background checks are not a norm in the cleaning industry, but they really should be because few people have as much access as a cleaning crew. A well-respected cleaning company should take this seriously and do all they can to make sure you are getting high quality people who truly respect your place of business.

At Trinity Commercial Cleaning, we use a licensed private investigator to run our background checks. It costs us more, but we want to make sure we are not sending you someone who has a pattern of behavior that could put anything in your place of business at risk, and the investment has been well worth a few extra dollars.

Anyone can clean, but can they provide you with the peace of mind you need to know that you are also protected?

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