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CoronaVirus Pandemic: What you Need to Know

2020 did not start well. Literally. COVID-19, dubbed the coronavirus, has been spreading from where it began in mainland China through the rest of the world. And now, we face the dangers of this pandemic here in the US. Leaders in affected countries as well as at-risk nations are taking action to combat the spread of the virus and protect their populaces; some actions are more extreme than others. China's cleaning or destroying money. People traveling abroad are being held in quarantine to slow the spread. Airplanes are flying empty. But the worst is yet to come: many experts predict this virus will spread through most of the developed world. It's a scary testament to just how connected our world has become, both digitally and physically through travel and supply chains.

Indisputably, this virus is causing chaos for the world at large. What does this challenge the world at large is facing mean for us in our daily lives lived in our corner of the world? Do not despair. There are simple ways to protect yourself from illness. Like in any other flu season, there are actionable steps you can take to protect yourself and those you are in contact with.

- Frequently wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

- Reasonably limit your attendance to large gatherings and travel as much as possible.

- Limit personal contact with others in public; for example, instead of the timeless handshake, give fist bumps to greet others.

- Don't touch your face as much as possible.

- Be especially careful around people at risk with weakened or nonfunctional immune systems. Many of us who contract the virus will be able to fight it without medical help, but many will require assistance from medicine.

- Keep your house, your car, your office, your "space" clean. Develop a regular routine that fits your needs. Dust and vacuum particulates such as dirt and dander. Use disinfectant on commonly touched surfaces. (We hope you are doing these things already, and if you aren't, we can help.)

- If you do contract the virus, quarantine yourself to prevent further spread.

And finally, carry on living an exciting, beautiful, hygienic life. Stay safe out there!

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