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Interview with Dr. Curtis

Dr. William Curtis, a Mooresville native for whom dentistry runs in the family, gave us a chance to speak with him about his experience with Trinity. Enjoy!

Here's an interview transcript:


BRIAN: Hello, I'm Brian with Trinity Commercial Cleaning and, uh, wanted to take this opportunity to sit down with one of our clients, Dr. Will Curtis, and just ask him what his experiences are about, uh, or with, rather, um, Trinity Commercial Cleaning. And also, to ask him a few things about who he is and what he does. He's one of the few Mooresville natives, so we absolutely want to highlight that and, uh, we'll get right into it, so.

Dr. Curtis, thank you so much-


BRIAN: ...for taking time to speak with me.

DR. CURTIS: Happy to do it.

BRIAN: Um, can you just give me a little background about yourself real quick?

DR. CURTIS: Sure, uh, yeah so like you said, I was born and raised here in Mooresville, grew up here. Uh, went off to school, and, um, and always wanted to move back home. So, moved home a couple of years ago and, uh, been a dentist here since then, so.

BRIAN: Great, great. Um, what caused you to want to be a dentist?

DR. CURTIS: Ah, always enjoyed working with people; uh, and working with my hands, and those two things kind of led me down, uh, that path. I've had a family member that was a dentist and talked to him a lot about it and, uh, found it to be something that I enjoyed and felt like I could be good at, so.

BRIAN: Great, great. Yeah, I don't have the hand skills-


BRIAN: ...for being a dentist so I guess you guys gotta be pretty steady, eh?

DR. CURTIS: Ha ha, it helps a little bit, to be, yeah, sure.

BRIAN: Great, great. Well, it's so wonderful that you were able to come back, to uh, to Mooresville, and-


BRIAN: ...and serve the people in this area.

DR. CURTIS: Yeah, it's been fun.

BRIAN: So, if you all are looking for a Mooresville native and really wanna, uh, find a phenomenal dentist, I definitely recommend Dr. Curtis for that.

DR. CURTIS: Well thank you.

BRIAN: Um, why is, uh, a clean office so important to you? I know it makes sense, like yeah-


BRIAN: ...I wanna have a clean workspace, but what's the importance of that?

DR. CURTIS: Yeah, sure. So, one of the, uh, tough things about my job is no one really knows if a dentist is any good or not and they definitely judge you based on, you know, your facility, uh, if things are clean, if things are well-ordered. Uh, and you can be the best dentist in the world but if your place is a mess, then, uh, people are gonna judge you on that and so I think it's super important to be clean and well-organized and things like that, so.

BRIAN: That's an excellent point. Yeah, I would say perception trumps intention every time, so-


BRIAN: ...that's, uh, that's an interesting thing. Um-


BRIAN: ...we've heard it said sometimes that we are one of the more expensive cleaning companies in the area, but the reason is is because we truly strive to do what we say we're gonna do-

DR. CURTIS: Mm hm.

BRIAN: ...and, uh, and have employees- really invest in our employees and pay them well above industry standard-

DR. CURTIS: Mm hm.

BRIAN: ...so that they show up every time.

DR. CURTIS: Mm hm.

BRIAN: Uh, just want to ask you your experiences- uh, I think we've been cleaning for you for about a year now or so?


BRIAN: Hard to-

DR. CURTIS: Year and a half, something like that.

BRIAN: Year and a half: wow! Um, have we ever missed a cleaning in that time?

DR. CURTIS: No! Never have. I've come in here late on Sundays and wondered sometimes, but you always came through-

BRIAN: Great.

DR. CURTIS: ...so yeah, never have, no.

BRIAN: I'm glad you said that, that you come in late on Sundays and stuff and wondered about it, because we absolutely pride honesty, so-


BRIAN: ...we wanna know if there's things we can work on as well.

DR. CURTIS: Yeah, sure. No, every issue I ever had, we've handled. I think for me, the important thing is that, um, I, and I know you hire, gonna hire quality people, but if something's not right, I know that you're gonna make it right and just have somebody that I can trust, uh, to take care of things when I'm not here and you're here by yourself and that sort of thing is important for me, so.

BRIAN: Sure, sure. Um, do you feel like it's a huge relief that you don't have to add one more thing on your plate by following up with the cleaning company all the time saying, "Why the heck didn't you take this trash out? Why didn't you mop the floors? What's goin' on?"


BRIAN: Um, I know you've had to follow up with us a couple of times, but uh-


BRIAN: Do you feel like on an average we help make your life easier?

DR. CURTIS: Yeah! Absolutely. I mean, you've taken some things off my plate with, uh, restocking things, uh, used to have to get myself, and: um, yeah, and just I don't have to worry about it; it's always done, it's always good, it's, yeah: for sure, absolutely.

BRIAN: Wonderful, wonderful. Um, well is there anything else you'd like to add about, um, Trinity Commercial Cleaning and how we've been able to help you out or anything about-


BRIAN: ...what your vision for your dental practice is-


BRIAN: ...and how you can continue to grow?

DR. CURTIS: Yeah, nah, I mean, I would just say, um, it's always done well, it's really important for me to have somebody that I trust. Um, and the quality and somebody I can trust to me are the keys that really make it a good partnership for us, so.

BRIAN: Well, wonderful.

DR. CURTIS: Grateful for ya.

BRIAN: Great! Thank you so much for your time.

DR. CURTIS: Yeah man! Thanks a lot. Enjoyed it.


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