• Brian Kaup

Interview with Mr. Jeremy Stewart

Many thanks to Jeremy at PTG for choosing us to keep the facility up to the high standards of Penske and for explaining his decision in this interview. Enjoy!

See the transcript below:


BRIAN: I'm Brian with Trinity Commercial Cleaning, and we have an awesome opportunity to sit down with Jeremy with Penske Technology Group, uh, they're a client of ours that we took on about 4 months ago, I believe, and, uh, we just wanted to ask you so far what your experience has been, um, prior to us, what it was like to have cleaning companies come through, and what made you finally make a change and find us as your cleaning company.

JEREMY: So, I'll say, it's been a pleasure working with Trinity. Uh, coming in the door, we've heard a lot of promises from companies trying to sell themselves and, you know, coming from the franchise system that we were using to bring in companies, you know we kind of got away from that decided to try you, and I'll say the best thing has been you've lived up to your promises. You walk in the door, you do what you say you're gonna do; uh, the reaction to anything that's above what you are asked to do on a normal basis, I'll say that you showing up same day to come look at problems we have and looking for solutions has been remarkable, so.

BRIAN: Wonderful. Great, great. What, um, what impact does it have when, um, you've had to take time out of your day to follow up, um, due to issues? What impact has it had personally for you as a manager, and also what impact do you feel like it's had financially for uh, all of your, uh, business?

JEREMY: I'll say that was actually one of the biggest reasons we were looking for a new company was the consistency with the cleaning every week, and as you'll say, we'll walk in the door Monday morning and start doing our day, projects we're supposed to be dealing with and finding things that we're taking care of, and that obviously takes away from our productivity when we're having to either contact the cleaning company and get them back out here, or take care of it ourselves and, obviously, it's just a distraction for everyone, so it affects our day to day. Since Trinity's come in, it's almost like been a forgotten thing that we dealt with. We now move on with our day; we get things done; we're more productive working on, uh, the next race win every week.

BRIAN: Sure.


BRIAN: So what I hear you saying basically is that your skilled labor is allowed to do what they were hired to do versus having to go back and check up on issues.

JEREMY: Yes, correct.

BRIAN: Wonderful. Uh, one final question. I'm gonna put you on the hot seat a little bit and ask: um, you know, one of the things we've discovered is we are more expensive than other cleaning companies in the area. Um, do you feel like we provide more value though? Um, do you feel like you're truly getting what you pay for with our company, or is there something you'd kinda like to see different like that?

JEREMY: I'll say definitely, you know, any business that's going to hire someone to come in and do business looks at the financial side of it. We went down the path of paying less and wanting more and it didn't work. I mean, we did it multiple times. So paying a bit more and getting what we ask has been well worth it and it's been a good decision to go down this path.

BRIAN: Great, great. Well, Jeremy, thank you so much for your time-

JEREMY: Sure, Brian.

BRIAN: ...and it's definitely a pleasure working with you.

JEREMY: Yeah! Thank you.


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