Tired of turnover?

Are you ready for consistency in your cleaners?

See why our employees stick around.

You don't settle for good enough, and neither do we. We thoroughly vet each team member through 3 steps structured to filter out the uninspired and engage the amazing.

We employ a private investigator to ensure the trustworthiness of every individual we hire. We can see everything, and we use the information we receive judiciously but fairly in our choices.

We live and breathe our core values through our entire organization.

  • Be honest

  • Make it happen

  • Inspire growth

  • Have fun

Using these 3 key elements in our hiring process, we are confident your experience with our company will be one with employees that have professional attitudes, ethical mindsets, and a keen awareness of the little things as they help you take care of your space. And they will be there next week, too.