Custom Plan

We evaluate the cleaning requirements that make sense for your office and schedule. Every work environment is unique and we pay attention to all your special requests and make your business shine.

​Each office space is different, so we work with you to provide a customized plan of care. Whether you need regular cleaning or a one-time deep clean, we work hard to ensure exceptional results.

Smarter Clean

We are constantly investing in new cleaning solutions to be more effective and efficient, We seek to reduce the cost and labor needed to provide a clean space. Ultimately, saving you money.

If your business requires HEPA-filter vacuums, we have them. These high-suction vacuums trap particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter, helping keep dust and those irritating particles out of the air.


If you do not like your cleaning company, why should you have to keep them? Your cleaning company should earn your business each month!


We believe in our services so much; we don’t ask you to sign annual contracts. We strive to prove our value to you every time a cleaning is done.  If there is an issue, we work it out immediately. 

Tested Method

Trinity Commercial Cleaning knows first-class cleaning starts with a well-planned strategy.

We train our employees in the best methods for cleaning specific spaces commonly found in commercial buildings such as offices, entryways, restrooms and more.

No More Germs

We use environmentally-safe disinfectants to knock out 99.99% of dangerous bacteria and viruses on contact.

​Bathrooms and break rooms are the top spots for pathogens in workplaces.  Our cleaning technicians are trained in the proper disinfection protocols with a focus on high traffic areas.

Peace of Mind

We’re bonded and insured, offering full peace of mind to our clients. With Trinity Commercial Cleaning services, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Please click here to see our guarantee.

Our Company

Trinity Commercial Cleaning is a United States Air Force veteran and family-owned business based in Mooresville, North Carolina offering premier commercial cleaning services in the Charlotte and the Lake Norman area.

We earn your business each month! 

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